Questions & Answers

Q: What is included in the Overberg tour?

A: 2 nights, shared accommodation (in a house that sleeps 10 Ladies) and/or rooms that sleep between 2 and 4 Ladies. 

Breakfasts: 2 full breakfasts with tea, coffee and O.J. Dinner: 2 dinners with at least one being a traditional, South African braai (BBQ)

Entertainment, fun and games and loads of laughter!

Q: What is included in the West Coast Wildflower Tour?

A: 1 night, shared accommodation in a B&B. 2 Ladies to share a room.

1 traditional, South African braai (BBQ) dinner. 1 full, traditional breakfast with coffee, tea and O.J.

Entertainment, fun and games and loads of laughter!

Q: What is excluded from this tour?

A: Lunches, beverages and fuel for your motorcycle.

Q: What is the required riding level for this tour?

A: Intermediate riding skills are required. We will cover mountain-passes that have many, tight bends but you will not be pushed to ride out of your comfort zone.

Q: Must I have a full, motorcycle, license?

A: A learners license will suffice as long as your riding skill is that of an intermediate rider.

Q: Am I allowed to consume alcohol during this tour?

A: Yes, but within the South African, alcohol consumption, limits. Once we have reached our sleep-overs, you are welcome to indulge as we will not be riding until the next morning 🙂

Q: How many Ladies will be on this tour?

A: Our goal is to have 10 Ladies per tour. However, if you are a bigger group, we will be able to accommodate up to 20 Ladies.

Q: What is the minimum size motorcycle that can participate?

A: If your motorcycle has an engine capacity of 300cc, you are welcome to participate. The reason being that, at times, we will be travelling at 100 – 120kms and a smaller capacity motorcycle may not be able to keep up.

Q: Is my husband, male partner allowed to participate in this tour?

A: This tour is designed exclusively for Lady Riders. See it as a “Girls weekend” because sometimes we just need time out without our men-folk…not so?

Q: What happens if my motorcycle breaks down?

A: Every rider is responsible for their own motorcycle. Should your motorcycle break down, we will contact a reputable, service to collect your motorcycle and this cost will be for your own pocket. We will however have basic, repair kits available: flat tyre solutions, battery charges, fuses etc.

Q: What if the weather is horrible?

A: We ride never-the-less but within reason and at an adjusted pace. Please understand that accommodation hire will not be able to refund on late, cancellation notice therefore we cannot offer a cancellation policy.