2 Wheel Freedom

My Journey

In 2008, my daughter inspired me to give up my corporate, job and do something that I loved and lived for…teaching Ladies to ride motorcycles. My initial reaction was “Motorcycling is a man’s world. I’ll never get clients”. But low and behold, after advertising my then sideline, weekend business, Bike & Scoota Tuta, the requests started rolling in. I suddenly had a business and my services were in high demand and surprisingly not only by lady riders. 

Over the next 8 years we, (my daughter joined the business), had taken just over 2000 trainees from never riding a motorcycle before to fully fledged, licensed motorcyclists. 

Wow! That was a journey on it’s own. A wonderful, journey of self-discovery, developing new strategies to help Ladies overcome fears, and experiencing the absolute joy of watching a newbie ride for the first time.

However, this was tiring work and at the age of 51 I decided to specialize in coaching Lady Riders  who could ride to overcome their fears of cornering, riding on gravel, riding in the rain, riding in strong wind and riding different sized motorcycles through my Finishing School for Lady riders – 2 Wheel Freedom. 

I have learnt that more often than not, Lady Riders enjoy training from another Lady Rider and not because she doesn’t like male instructors, but rather because she feels more comfortable with a Lady Coach. I have applied my skills and techniques that come with many years of riding and I have adapted these techniques to make riding easier and fun.

I now have a large group of Lady Riders who have completed my courses and who are riding with the confidence that they never had before and loving their rides like never before.

Feedback & Reviews

“Riding a motorcycle with confidence did not only change my attitude about riding, but also changed my attitude to life in general”

” Completed the Cornering with Confidence course with Linlee. 
WOW, WOW, WOW, Thank you so much Linlee. I cannot tell you what a difference the course has made. My bike feels so much lighter and I can “throw” her into corners with confidence. 
Until next time…”

Liz Casey

Honda Shadow 750cc

” I have only been riding for about 5 years and there are still some things that I was not 100% comfortable with…and then came Linlee.   
The courses I chose helped me a great deal. 
I am much, more confident on the sweeping bends. 
Great tips for riding in the wind and rain too”

Amanda Joy Sarmie

Triumph 800cc

” I really enjoyed the “cornering with confidence”course. Lots of nifty tricks and explained in a way one can actually understand! 

Thanks Linlee it was so much fun!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  ” 

Teresa Roelofse Mcgregor

Honda CRF250