Honda NC750X – Led Zeppelin said it best…Stairway to Heaven!

My life revolves around music and motorbikes!  

That’s it…simple.I often communicate through music for example: if a friend texts and asks “how are you”? I don’t simply answer “I’m good thanks”…no, I’ll send a video clip of James Brown belting out “I feel good”

Or if my boss emails on a Friday afternoon at 15:00 and asks for a detailed report on strategic planning by 16:00, I email her back a clip of a little, tune by Lily Allen (you will have to Google it though. I can’t mention it here)!
And so too, I measure my biking pleasure by means of the metronome.
I recently had the pleasure of test-riding the 2016 Pirelli Bike of the Year: Triumph’s 1200cc ThruxtonR: definitely a “Light my Fire” by The Doors kinda bike.
And when I took a friend’s KTM 990 Adventure out….it was “Zombie” from The Cranberries all the way.
The BMW R Nine T was…hmmmm… “Radar Love” Golden Earing!
You get the picture.
In 2012, I test rode the, newly released Honda NC700X. Honda Wing Cape Town kindly offered it to me for a weekend and it blew my mind. It was superb.
It was definitely a Parisian Walkways (Gary Moore) kinda bike:
Very easy on the eye, superbly comfortable, impressive storage compartment, perfect handling, not too much speed, just enough and loads of torque! It was love at first sight for me.
Fast forward 3 years. Honda replaced the NC700 with a NC750X in 2015 and also released a DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) version.
I never thought that anything could be better than Parisian Walkways…especially the guitar solo and of course the way Gary holds that 1 note in the middle of the song, that is, until I climbed the Stairway to Heaven of cross tourers, the NC750X!
Now, I know that there are cross tourers that are faster, more luxurious, more powerful and with more features but does one really need more?
The NC750X has that very, sexy shape of the wide tank tapering into a tight waist to the sleek tail-end…enough sexiness right there just for staring at.
The seat is low enough for a vertically-challenged rider to manage quite comfortable and for a taller rider not to feel squashed.
The standard, handle-bar is positioned in an upright style that allows maximum, riding pleasure with a screen just tall enough to protect from the wind but not that tall that it looks strange.
The foot-pegs are not too far back and also not too far forward, in other words…perfectly positioned.
Honda clearly put a lot of thought and effort into the design comfort of the NC700 and 750X and it has paid off.
I bought a 2015 model a month back. I immediately fitted a set of Pirelli semi-off-road tyres and an engine protector (belly-pan) as I knew I would be doing some light, adventure riding on her and I have not been disappointed. This bike is incredibly forgiving, on and off-road. You just can’t do anything wrong with her.
If I oversteer, she corrects. If I over-brake, she corrects. If I lean too much, she corrects.
This bike has it all…and more.
The fuel consumption is truly amazing. With a 14.1l tank, one-up on the long road, you will enjoy 400+kms…very likely the most economical bike available in this class.
The piece de resistance is undoubtedly the storage compartment cleverly disguised as the fuel tank. Big enough to hold a full-face helmet, a handbag or a cooler box with some liquid refreshments…the choice is yours. P.S.: the fuel tank is under the seat.
At an extremely reasonable R105 999, the Honda NC750X is the ideal motorcycle for someone who has just learnt to ride as well as for the experienced rider looking for the ultimate, all-round machine.
When you buy your NC750X you will be buying your Stairway to Heaven, guaranteed.
For full specs, please click here.