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Sharing my passion of motorcycling with my fellow Lady Riders through training, motorcycle tours, motorcycle reviews and tips & tricks.

What I do

I ride motorcycles as much as possible, every and any motorcycle I can find. Life is about learning new things everyday and then sharing what I have learnt with my fellow Lady Riders.

I Coach.

With 35 years of motorcycling experience, I have developed coaching for Lady Riders to overcome the fear of riding. Riding with Confidence is the richest experience one can ever have.

I Tour

“Little by little, one travels far” J.R. Tolkien. One step at a time. Whether you want to spend 1 day exploring on your motorcycle or take a 10 day, motorcycling holiday, I will design and lead you to beautiful places.

I Write

Traditionally, motorcycle reviews are written by male motorcyclists, but Lady Riders look at bikes differently. We have different needs and desires. I write reviews on new as well as older bikes with Lady buyers in mind.

Need advice?

I often get asked by fellow Lady riders to test ride a bike or advice on U-turns on a superbike.

Whatever your question, please feel free to ask me anytime.

E-Books & Courses

My e-Book and on-line courses on Riding a Motorcycle with Confidence will be available soon.

These will be filled with invaluable information on becoming the best rider possible. The goal is that riding a motorcycle becomes second nature…like breathing xx


I have done the Cornering with Confidence course on Saturday. Fantastic individual tutoring in an relaxed atmosphere. 
I am a new bike rider riding for about 6 months. 
On Sunday I did Du Toits Kloof Pass for the third time. The only reason I did the pass at 80 km/h was because there was a slow motorcar in front of me. 
After the course I knew how to set myself up for the corner, knew where to look, knew where the apex was and knew how to set myself up for the next corner. 
I felt so relaxed and in control.
Thanks Linlee, I learned so much!


My Journey


I invested my formative years (5 -12) in garage time with my Dad working on motorcycles. Old BMW’s, AJS’s, BSA’s and some 60’s & 70’s Japanese bikes. I wasn’t much of a mechanic, but when my Dad asked for a 14 spanner, I knew what to hand him. I was always given the important task of keeping the engine running while he tweaked all that needed tweaking. I know now that my “skills” were not really needed but my Dad nevertheless kept me busy and I am immeasurably grateful for that.

I received my first bike at the age of 10…an orange, 1970 Yamaha, 50cc scooter. I loved that scooter and spent 6 years learning the ropes even riding it (purposefully) into a dam, just to see what would happen. Needless to say, it could not ride on water!

 My first geared-bike (1982) was a 100cc Yamaha DT scrambler. I was in love. At the age of 16, I was allowed to ride it to school. At that stage, I was the only girl who rode a bike to school and I was Uber-Cool! (


Let's get it right first time round. Together, you and I.